Stage 1 -In place now.

  • FPO Group employed delivery driver’s will be wearing disposal gloves and change at each delivery.
  • Providing our staff with regular communication and updates designed to limit spread of the virus.
  • We have rolled out sanitizer across the business throughout our office and warehouse departments.
  • We are avoiding shaking hands with any visitors and customer’s.
  • Purchased additional infrastructure such as laptops & virtual phones to allow operations continue for a remote location.
  • Evenly distributed stock across other branches in Queensland, Sydney, Newcastle and Victoria in case one of our branches/states are closed for any period.
  • To ensure FPO Group loyal and regular customers are not caught without stock we will be monitoring new customers or customers who purchase some stock from time to time. Our main priority will be customers who have supported FPO Group and shown loyalty in the past.
  • We will be monitoring orders to ensure no bulk purchases out of ordinary are being made.
  • Account managers will not be attending any site calls and will be working from home indefinitely.
  • FPO Group customer service,, currently on a roster system so staff can work remotely until all the infrastructure is in place to allow a virtual setup for our customer service team.
  • Our two factories are in full operation and we are in continued communication with them and have scheduled stock arriving in April and May as well as deliveries scheduled for June.
  • Introducing restrictions on work related travel with all travel requiring GM approval.
  • We will be monitoring all our local partners to ensure they have a plan in place that share the same values.

Stage 2 – When and if required

  • FPO Group not to have customer pickup from our branches.
  • FPO Group to cancel our truck run and use couriers to pick up and deliver.
  • Further discussions and strategies are being explored.
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