Going camping with your Caravan? Are you prepared for a Fire?

A fire can happen anywhere, especially in the Australian Bush, and it’s important to always be prepared for what you would do if you had one in your Caravan, Motorhome or Camping Ground.

It is mandatory* and a legal requirement in Australia to have at least one fire extinguisher in your Caravan or Motorhome. Of course, having the right safety equipment to protect your caravan against fire, such as a fire extinguisher is essential to protect your passengers, vehicle and camping ground.

Fire risks for caravans and motorhomes?

  • Indoor cooking fires:

    Cooking in your caravan or motorhome kitchen is usually the main cause of fire.

  • Camp fires:

    Going on an adventure with your caravan or motorhome takes you to the country side and the outback, and nothing beats a camp fire under the southern stars. This comes with a fire risk that should be quickly managed.

  • Bush fires:

    Unfortunately bush fires are more and more common t

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